ASEAN Students Showcased Han-Style Clothes at New Year's Gala of SWUPL

2016-01-04 09:38:00


Authored by Li Dongmei; translated by Zhang Yidan

The 2016 New Year's Gala of SWUPL was held at the Student Activity Center on 30th December 2015. Domestic and foreign students brought their best performances and made this a truly international event.

Student representatives from ASEAN and other countries showcased Han-style clothes (i.e. the traditional clothes of Han people in China). Students from Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos took part in the show. They brought a fresh feeling to the audience by wearing traditional Chinese costumes. At the end of the performance, they spoke New Year's wishes in their native language.

As a result of diligently rehearsing the show for six times in more than a week, the performance was greeted with warm welcome. The student performers also deepened their understanding of the Chinese culture by participating in this event.