1+4 Programme (Lao Class) Successfully Passed the HSK Exam and Received the Mayor's Scholarship

2015-12-31 11:07:00


Authored by Li Dongmei and Tang Yang; translated by Zhang Yidan

Seven Lao students joined the 1+4 overseas student programme since October 2014. With the support from the SWUPL Office of International Collaboration and Communication, the School of Journalism and Communication, and the China-ASEAN Legal Research Center, they smoothly transitioned into SWUPL. They not only studied diligently, but also participated in various extracurricula activities, including the 2014 Welcoming Gala of the School of International Law and the 2015 New Year's Gala of SWUPL. They performed traditional Lao dances at the New Year's Gala, a highlight at the international event.


In the past year, the students built a solid foundation in the Chinese language and deepened their understanding of the Chinese culture. They took the HSK4 exam in June and ALL of them passed it, not to mention that one of the students scored 292 out of 300. Additionally, ALL of them won the Mayor's Scholarship for Foreign Students issued by the Chongqing government.


The Lao students will begin specialty studies this semester. We hope that they continue the hard work and receive nothing but extraordinary results!

Performing Lao dance at the New Year's Gala

Meeting with SWUPL Vice President Sun Changyong

Taking the exam